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By Louis Montclair

Tribal Times

A former Fort Peck Tribal Police Officer charged with sexually abusing a young girl reached a plea agreement with the government.

Mychal Damon filed a motion to change his plea to guilty to a lesser charge of felony child abuse. The abusive sexual contact charge has been changed by the government in a superseding indictment.

According to court documents, Damon was originally indicted for abusive sexual contact. The charges stem from May 2018, which allege that Damon touched the victim in an inappropriate sexual manner.

During this time, Damon worked as a police officer for the Fort Peck Tribal Police Department. 

Documents filed in federal court allege Damon touched a young girl in her private area and a teacher later over heard the victim tell another child she was touched in her private area. 

When he was first accused, Damon denied the sexual assault allegation. In a later interview he admitted to FBI agents that he had touched the victim inappropriately making “skin to skin” contact with her, documents state.

Damon said on that day he was drinking and he said he didn’t know why he touched the victim, except that he was very intoxicated. He admitted to being dishonest with another FBI agent who questioned him about touching the victim, saying he was afraid of losing his job and going to prison, documents state. 

Since the original filing, Damon has filed numerous motions and the case stretched on for months.

On February 14, 2020, the government filed a superseding indictment charging Damon with felony child abuse. 

It is this charge Damon will plead guilty to, documents state.

According to the plea agreement, Damon agrees to plead guilty to the felony child abuse charge. By admitting guilt, the prosecution will recommend leniency.

In addition, the government will recommend time served for any sentence the courts impose and Damon will be on supervised release, documents state.

Damon will be required to obtain a sex offender evaluation and go through a sexual offender treatment program. 

Documents don’t state if he will be required to register as a sex offender.

The plea agreement is not binding to the court, and it could be rejected by a judge. 

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