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A Poplar man charged with sexually abusing his grand daughter changed his not guilty plea in federal court.

Lloyd Wallace Youpee reached a plea agreement with federal prosecutors this past week. Youpee is charged with abusive sexual contact and aggravated sexual abuse.

His plea agreement states Youpee will plead guilty to abusive sexual contact, and for this the government won’t pursue the aggravated sexual abuse charge. 

The charge carries a maximum punishment of life in prison, a $250,000 fine, or both. 

Because of his age, Youpee, 92, could be spending his final days in prison. 

According to court documents, for Youpee to be guilty of this crime it must be proven that he knowingly had sexual contact with the victim; the offense was committed within the exterior of the reservation; the defendant is an Indian person; and the victim was under the age of twelve years. 

In December 2018, the victim (age seven) disclosed that when she was seven she was sleeping in her mother’s bedroom. Her mother went to the store. When the victim woke up, Youpee, her great great grandfather “Grandpa Lloyd,” was licking her private parts. She felt scared, documents state.

Through the investigation, Police learned the victim and her mother were living with Youpee in his home during the time period of allegations, documents state.

Youpee was interviewed by police about the sexual assault allegations. During the interview he initially denied touching her, saying he only “looked at her vagina.” But he later admitted that he might have kissed the victim on her private parts. The explanation he gave for this behavior is he thought someone else may have hurt the victim in her vagina, and he was kissing it to make it better.

Later, Youpee indicated he does not want children to be around him while he is drinking. He said he knows how he is, clarifying that he likes sex. 

When asked if he could say something to the victim to make her not feel mad or scared, Youpee said “Baby, if I done something wrong to you, I was drinking, and I was sexually messed up, and you’re my little girl, and I love you. . . .”

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