Human skull found in Missouri River

Identity of person not known

A human skull was found in the Missouri River at Ferry Boat Road this past week, authorities confirmed.

The skull was pulled in by someone who was fishing in the area. Police were notified and recovered it and then had it sent to the Montana Crime Lab, Criminal Investigator Kenny Trottier said.

At the end of Ferry Boat road is where a small forest shelters the Missouri River from the north.

In the past, the Missouri River has been notorious for drownings. Several people who have went in never resurfaced, and their bodies were never found.

Police are not ruling out anything, but it is possible the remains could be of several people who disappeared into the river.

Right now there is no identity on the remains, but the State Crime Lab can identify the race of the person and maybe more with DNA.

The case is under investigation, Trottier said.

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