Fort Peck Tribal Chairman facing removal charges

The Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board voted for removal of Tribal Chairman Floyd Azure.

Tribal Executive Board members today initiated removal charges against Chairman Floyd Azure alleging conduct prejudicial to the Tribes.

Azure was escorted out of the building by Tribal Police officers.

Vice Chairman Charles Headdress is serving as Chairman.

Everything started today when the Chief Financial Officer Randy Redpath spoke with the Tribal Council members present and recommended the council revoke the check signing authority of Azures office, according to a source in the tribal building, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

After speaking with the council, the action came forward from present council members.

According to a press release from Tribal Councilwoman Kaci Wallette,

“The Tribal Executive Board acted today to authorize a Statement of Charges to remove Floyd Azure, Chairman of the Tribal Executive Board.

“Further, the TEB also suspended Azure as Chairman until a removal hearing.”

A hearing date on the Statement of Charges for removal is currently set for December 3, 2020″

The statement of charges outline multiple actions against Azure where he has acted in a manner prejudicial to the Tribes, including inappropriate official action on behalf of BP Construction, despite the Tribes on-going litigation against BP Construction for breach of contract; his failure to work with the TEB since August 24, 2020; and a broad failure to ensure that Departments are complying with federal program requirements, according to the release.

Tribal council members behind the removal have not spoken outside of the press release.

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