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Tribal leaders approved giving elders $500 as an incentive for taking one of the COVID-19 vaccinations.

At the full board April 11, 2022 meeting, Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board members voted 11-0 (Patt Iron Cloud absent) to pay all tribal elders 60-years-old and older a $500 incentive for taking the COVID-19 vaccination.

Last week, The Fort Peck Journal incorrectly reported that all tribal members with the COVID-19 vaccine would be getting $500 each. This was not true, as the original motion was for only tribal employees.

This new motion will provide incentive payments to tribal elders. Councilwoman Carolyn Brugh mentioned including the elders who are vaccinated that live off the reservation. Majority of the people who took the vaccine on the reservation were tribal elders. Tribal elders were given first preference for vaccination shots.

Councilman Terry Rattling Thunder said they counted elders on the reservation and there are 725 people who 60-years-old and older.

Councilwoman Marva Chapman said this could be good because the money the Tribes got was for COVID-19 relief. Some elders don’t want the vaccine and think the pandemic is over.

Councilman Bryce Kirk, the lone dissenter, said these payments can be seen as forcing elders to choose between being vaccinated and the chance to get $500. All elders should be included, he said.

“Don’t make our elders choose between $500 and a shot,” Kirk said. This motion, he said, leaves elders out that cannot take the vaccine because of medications they already take. “We can’t make (tribal elders) go what they don’t want to do,”

Councilman Grant Stafne said the money is an incentive and should not be seen as forcing the vaccine on anyone.

In the end, everyone voted for this except Kirk, who voted no. Patt Iron Cloud was absent, and with that the motion carried.

The payments coming out have not been announced or dated as of press time. Again, this is for tribal elders 60-years-old and over who are vaccinated against COVID-19.

The following are highlights from the April 11, 2022 full board meeting.



Tribal leaders approved of giving $500 to the family of Mary Fullerton, who passed away.



Tribal Criminal Investigator Angela Matthews brought in an offer to accept and match money from the 2IDCI003-LINC Network Grant for $5,600.



Frazer should be getting new street lights.

The council voted to have Chairman Floyd Azure Sr. work with Norval Electric to get street lights put up in Frazer.



The Economic Development Planning Director position is still vacant and needs to be filled. It is an important position, and the council voted to have Human Resources reclassify the position.

This narrowly passed with six for, five opposed. Voting no were Shannon Martell, Terry Rattling Thunder, Carolyn Brugh, Justin Gray Hawk, and Bryce Kirk. Voting yes was Alex Smith, Grant Stafne, Larwence Hamilton, Marva Chapman, Wayne Martell, and Stacey Summers. Patt Iron Cloud was absent.


Frazer Bar

Angie Toce of Frazer was approved to receive a gaming license for Baby Lonnie’s Beer Mug. This is being issued upon the findings of the background finger prints.

In a related motion, the Chairman was approved to sign an agreement with Toce for leasing the gaming machines. This lease is for 10 years.

In the town, the Beer Mug is the only operational business in Frazer.



The council authorized $21,434.30 to pay for a legal invoice, where the $20,000 monthly retainer was prepared on March 18, 2022, for the period of March 8 through April 1, 2022.



The Tribes purchased three tracts of fractionated lands with multiple owners.

According to the motion, one allotment northwest of Poplar with 30 owners, one with 22 owners southwest of Brockton, and another allotment with only two owners named.

The total for these lands is $51,730.

Willis McClammy Susan Schagunn, and Deshon Smoker-DeWitt were approved for enrolled member home site lease renewals.

Vincent McDonald was granted a new lease for 2022 through 2026 for a few hundred acres.

Fort Peck Reservation Thornwood Co., Robert Michael’s President, was approved for a non-enrolled member renewal.

Caroline Beauchamp was approved for a lease cancellation.

Thomas Flynn Sr., was granted an enrolled member lease renewal.

Brad and Chanel Johns were approved for a non-enrolled member renewal lease.

Darlyn Grainger was approved to modify her lease to add to Lori Rakstad’s lease.

Jessica Mason Cantrell was granted a lease modification to add her son Orin Cantrell to her home site.

A cancellation for Range Unit 37 and to advertise for competitive bid for two weeks waiving the 30 days advertising in the Tribes Land Use and Use Policy Section.



After paying $75,000 to Evenson Repair Contract, The Tribal Transportation Program/Indian Reservation Roads program will be hiring a full time diesel mechanic.

In addition, the council approved a request for authorization for the Tribes TTP/IRR in the amount of $1,664,441.38 to be signed by the Tribal Chairman for the TTP/IRR.



A resolution to cancel a rental contract between the Red Bird Woman Center and Fort Peck Housing Authority was approved. This is for housing unit 804 West Blaine St., Project Unit 9-14 #38 on April 30, 2022.

The council also rescinded a resolution to give Alisha Morales a letter of recommendation for the Wolf Point Police Department, signed by the Tribal Chairman.



Indian Housing Block Grant applications totalling $5,623,892 for fiscal year 22-23.

In a related motion, the council approved a $2,874,584.80 for infrastructure on Fort Peck Housing Authority developments.



The Community Services Program needs trailers, and the Tribal Court will be helping.

Tribal Courts are donating the Public Defender trailer to the CSP for future use when the trailer is no longer occupied.

The council also approved of a new truck and trailer purchase for CPS, for a total cost of $90,000.


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