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Fort Peck Community College has been busy!

The commencement ceremony for the class of 2022 will be Friday, May 20, 2022, on the main lawn in front of the Old Main building on the FPCC campus.

This year, 81 students will be graduating FPCC, the largest class of graduates in years.

Ashley Azure, who will be graduating with an Associate of Arts in Psychology, has been chosen as the class Valedictorian.

Miracle Spotted Wolf is this years Salutatorian. She is graduating with multiple degrees that include an Associate of Arts in Business Administration, Associate of Applied Science in Business Technology. She also earned certificates in Accounting and a Business Assistant.

Any questions? Please call Fort Peck Community College at (406) 768-6300 for more information.

The graduating class of 2022:

Fellini Adams: AA Psychology.

Jalen Athico: AAS Native Language Instructor.

Denver Atkinson Jr.: CERT Welding.

Ashley Azure: AA Psychology.

Rachael Azure: AS Pre-Health/Pre-Nursing.

Edward Bauer II: AA General Studies.

Darcee Belgarde: AA General Studies.

Trini Bissonette: AA Business Administration and AA in General Studies.

Lois Black: AA Early Childhood Education.

Derek Boyer: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Troy Brown Sr.: AAS Automotive Technology.

Wesley Brown: AAS Automotive Technology.

Hailey Brunelle: AA General Studies.

Monica Campbell: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal and AAS Criminal Justice.

Amber Cantu: CERT Business Assistant.

Angela Cole: AS General Studies, AS General Science – Biology, AA General Studies.

Dylan Connor: AA Psychology.

Trisha Deserly: AA Psychology.

Daniel Diserly: CERT Automotive Technology.

Rain Escarcega-Turcotte: AA General Studies.

Tomee Escarcega: AA General Studies.

Isaac Failing: AAS Information/Networking Technology, CERT Information Technology.

Traysen Feather, AAS Automotive Technology.

Darrian Four Bear: AA General Studies, AA Social Work, AA Chemical Addiction Studies.

Luane Four Bear: AS Pre-Health/Pre-Nursing, CERT Cultural Arts.

Lance Fourstar: Lance AA General Studies.

Keri Fox: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Emilee Frigon: AA Social Work.

Emily Gourneau: AA General Studies, AA Chemical Addiction Studies.

Jason Hamilton Jr.: AA General Studies.

Kathryn Hamilton: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal, AA General Studies.

Klint Hentges: CERT Truck Driving.

Jonnie Huerta: AA Native American Studies, AA General Studies.

Kaylee Hufford, Kaylee CERT Information Technology

Alanis Jones: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Yvette Kawasaki: AA General Studies.

Rusti Kirn: AA Psychology.

Erica Lamebear: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Nicole Leno: CERT Accounting Technician.

LaFaye Lizotte: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Darwin Longtree: CERT Information Technology.

Carrie Manning: AA Chemical Addiction Studies.

Angela Matthews: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal, AAS Criminal Justice.

Jamie McKee: AA Business Administration.

Gillian Medicine Cloud: AS General Studies, AS Environmental Science.

Kyrsten Miller: AA General Studies, AA Education.

Kaitlyn Nation: AAS Criminal Justice.

Lindsay Nefzger: AA Education, AA General Studies.

Amy Nelson: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Becky Opalka: CERT Accounting Technician.

Susan Parker: AA Social Work.

Connor Perry: CERT Information Technology.

Aimee Plummer: AA Psychology, AA Social Work.

Cicely Raining Bird: CERT Business Assistant, AAS Business Technology.

Lana Red Dog AA Business Administration.

Jesus Rodriguez III: CERT Information Technology.

Lynette Ross: AA General Studies.

Noah Rucas: AA Psychology and AA Chemical Addiction Studies.

Abriana Scott: AA General Studies, CERT Accounting Technician.

Melvin Scott III: CERT Business Assistant.

Brinton Sears: CERT Accounting Technician.

Celsse Shields: AAS Information/Networking Technology, CERT Information Technology.

Darrell Shields Jr.: CERT Truck Driving.

Bryor Smith: AA General Studies.

John Smoker II: CERT Automotive Technology and CERT Welding.

Jessica Spotted Bull: AA Chemical Addiction Studies.

Miracle Spotted Wolf: CERT Accounting Technician, CERT Business Assistant, AAS Business Technology, AA Business Administration.

Jaxon Stangeland: CERT Truck Driving.

Sheena St. Claire: CERT Truck Driving.

Brandy Jo Sutton: AAS Information/Networking Technology and CERT Information Technology.

Tammy Taylor: AA Native American Studies.

Shelby Talks Different: AA Education and AA Early Childhood Education.

Joseph Turns Plenty Jr.: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Keenan Wagner: AA General Studies.

Stephen Walton: CERT Truck Driving.

Crystal War Club: AS Pre-Health/Pre-Nursing.

Quentin Weeks-Comb: CERT Welding.

Sara Wesen: CERT Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Kaiden White Bear: AA Business Administration.

Marit Windchief: AA General Studies and AA Chemical Addiction Studies.

Corey Youpee: Corey CERT Welding.

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