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Full Tribal Executive Board meetings are broadcast online through the Sgt.-At-Arms Facebook page. Zoom is the preferred meeting application of choice.

The Fort Peck Tribal Government voted to support legislation holding the U.S. Government for their genocidal Indian Boarding School program.

At the full board meeting Monday, May 23, 2022, Tribal Executive Board members voted eight to zero to “support congressional efforts to pass legislation approving the truth and healing commission on Indian Boarding School policies and practices act.” It further states holding the federal government for the historical and inter-generational trauma inflicted by the Indian Boarding School Policies and Procedures.”

The Federal Government’s Department of Interior released a report on the boarding school era and it’s immediate and long lasting impact on Indigenous children. This includes 18 boarding schools in Montana and two operational schools on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

These schools worked to eliminate tribal and cultural identities (ie: “Kill the Indian, Save the Man”) by forbidding children from speaking Indigenous languages, cultural and religious practices. All children forced to go were often sent hundreds of miles from their homes. The effects of this abuse passed down from generation to generation.

The following are highlights from the May 23, 2022 full board meeting.



Nadine Adams was selected as the Wolf Point Community Organization FPHA Commissioner Representative.

In a separate motion, the Tribes approved of WPCO’s revised Charter and By-Laws for the FPHA BOC.



American Rescue Program Act funding has been approved for heavy machinery purchases.

Tom Weeks, who is in charge of ARPA funds for the Tribes, brought in a request for purchasing a forklift for the Weatherization Home Remodel Program. The total is $49,199, according to tribal documents.

The other request is for a pick up lease/purchase for the Weatherization Home Remodel Program.


New Truck

Community Services was authorized to spend over $33,000 on a truck and trailer.

The motion was not on the main documents at the full board meeting and it was being written in by hand. The final vote was eight for, none opposed, and four (Alex Smith, Shannon Martell, Justin Gray Hawk, Carolyn Brugh) absent.



Tribal Enterprise job descriptions updates will soon be available for applicants.

Tribal leaders approved of the Tribal Enterprise Director to review and update job descriptions for the program. Once done, Tribal Human Resources Office can classify the updated position.

In a related motion, the Tribes approved of having Human Resources creating a job position for the Director of the Health Promotion Disease Prevention. There was no discussion listed in the minutes.

Currently, the HPDP Director is Ken Smoker.


New Grant

Mat Gordon of the Tribes Information Technology Committee to update the council. They completed a contract with Merlnet, and informed the TEB of a grant application sent to everyone on the IT Committee and TEB members Terry Rattling Thunder and Alex Smith.

The grant is for the Tribes for financial assistance from the U.S. Treasury Community Capital Project Fund Grant program endorsing the selected 2.5 Ghz initiative submitted by the IT Committee and Economic Development.

Authorization to apply for the grant was approved by the full board.


Public Transportation

Elmer DeCoteau was hired the new director of the Tribes Transportation Program.

Minutes state DeCoteau and Carl Eder were interviewed by the Finance Committee meeting. After interviews, the TEB did a secret ballot vote. Five picked DeCoteau, one for Eder, and one not voting and asking to re-advertise the position.

The final vote was eight for, none opposed, four absent.



Tribal Office of Environmental Protection Director Martina Wilson was approved of hiring two new interns through Fort Peck Community College.



The Tribes OEP, and any other entities if needed, were given permission to conduct an interview with an outsider woman for her dissertation.

Mellie Haider

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