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A Tribal Executive Board member announced he would be quitting his position as a tribal leader.

Councilman Grant Stafne

Councilman Grant Stafne announced on his Facebook page of his intention to quit serving on the Tribal Council in favor of employment stability for his family.

“Effective September 9, 2022, I will be resigning my position,” Stafne, 55, wrote. “I put in for and was selected as the Deputy Superintendent for the Fort Peck Agency Bureau of Indian Affairs office.

The post, which is dated August 29, 2022, states Stafne enjoyed serving on the Tribal Council for four terms, but taking the job at the BIA is the best choice for him and his family.

Stafne worked on the council for years through several administrations. He also worked as the director of the Tribal Buffalo Ranch program through Fish and Game. Before running for the council, he worked at the BIA.

His departure, if approved by the full board, will leave a vacancy on the council.

The Tribal Constitution states all vacant seats are supposed to be filled by the next candidate who received the most votes. Stafne won with 882 votes reservation wide, and after a final recount and tabulation the next candidate with the most votes is actually a tie between two former TEB members.

TEB Candidate Kaci Wallette
TEB Candidate Dana Buckles

Kaci Wallette and Dana Buckles both earned 499 votes. With this, there could be a problem with seating either candidate.

To resolve this issue, a special election will be held between the two candidates, Wallette said.

New Tribal Operations Manager/Secretary Accountant Megan Gourneau said once the council votes to accept the resignation she could begin work to set up the special election.

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