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On voting day, Natives from across the reservation went to their perspective polling places to cast their vote in the Midterm Election last week.

With nearly 400 votes, incumbent Roosevelt County Sheriff Jason Frederick won his bid for re-election.

This year, Frederick ran against resident Brent Nygaard. When the votes were added up at the Roosevelt County Courthouse, Frederick was declared the winner with 1,477 to Nygaard with 1,088 votes, the difference being 389 more votes for Frederick.

After being declared the winner, Frederick announced he would like to thank the people who supported and voted for him.

The midterms brought out 45.84 percent of the total voters in Roosevelt County. Of 5,732 registered voters, 2,628 votes were cast.

In addition to the Sheriff/Coroner race, several other local candidates won their bid for re-election in different offices.

Penny Hendickson won another term as the a Justice of the Peace for Roosevelt County, with 2,147 votes for her and 291 against.

Judge Traci Harada also won another term as Justice of the Peace for Roosevelt County, with 2,091 votes for her and 390 against her reappointment.

Cheryl Hansen was elected to the office of Clerk and Recorder/Public Administrator for Roosevelt County. She ran unopposed and got 2,349 votes.

Non-partisan candidate Frank Piocos was elected to the Roosevelt County Attorney office.

Betty Romo was selected for the Roosevelt County Treasurer. She ran unopposed and received 2,381 votes.

Randy Pinocci, Republican, was elected as the Public Service Commissioner District One. He ran unopposed and got 1,914 votes.

Frank Smith, Democrat, won his bid for State Representative District 31. He ran against Arlie W. Gordon, Republican, receiving 640 votes.

Rhonda Knudsen, Republican, won her unopposed bid for State Representative for District 34.

Robert D. Toavs was elected to the position of Roosevelt County Commissioner for District Three. He received 383 votes against non-partisan candidate Ken E. Hentges with 318 votes.

Legislative Referendum No. 131, the so-called “born alive” referendum, received 64 percent of the county vote for approval and 36 opposed. It would have declared an unborn fetus as a “living person” and would punish doctors and medical professionals with prison and huge fines for not keeping the fetus alive.

This didn’t pass a full statewide vote.

Constitutional Referendum No. 48, which includes electronic communications such as email and text messages as being covered under searches and seizure, passed and will be codified into the Montana State Constitution.

Montana Supreme Court candidates Jim Rice and Ingrid Gustafson won big in Roosevelt County.

Penny Ronning, the Democratic Candidate from Billings for Congress, won big in Roosevelt County but as for the district she lost to Republican candidate Matt Rosendale.

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Louis H. Montclair

A journalist on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Owner of tribaltimesnews.com
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By Louis H. Montclair

A journalist on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Owner of tribaltimesnews.com

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