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Councilman Dana Buckles, left, is sworn into Tribal Public Office before Tribal Court Judge Lonnie Headdress in the Tribal Council Chambers Monday, November 21, 2022. In the background is BIA Deputy Superintendent and former councilman Grant Stafne. His resignation put the special election into motion.

Former Tribal Councilman Dana Buckles won the Special Election to fill a vacancy on the Tribal Executive Board.

Buckles was officially sworn into office Monday, November 21, 2022, at the Tribal Council Chambers. He was given the oath of office by Tribal Court Judge Lonnie Headdress.

A Special Election to fill a vacancy on the TEB was held November 19, 2022. Buckles went against former Tribal Councilwoman Kaci Wallette. Both were tied to fill the next vacancy on the council. After the polls closed, votes were counted and Buckles received 481 votes and Wallette 234 votes.

A few months ago, former Tribal Councilman Grant Stafne announced his intent to resign from office to pursue a career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs as the Deputy Superintendent. When he officially left office, the Tribes announced a Special Election between Buckles and Wallette to fill the vacancy left behind.

On her Facebook page, Wallette thanked her supporters for their vote.

According to the official results, the voter turn out was very low, with Poplar voters getting the most votes.


Final Tally


Buckles: 29 votes

Wallette: 28 votes


Buckles: 14 votes

Wallette: 9 votes

Wolf Point I

Buckles: 55 votes

Wallette: 42 votes

Wolf Point II

Buckles: 67 votes

Wallette: 35 votes

Poplar I

Buckles: 115 votes

Wallette: 46 votes

Poplar II

Buckles: 97 votes

Wallette: 34 votes


Buckles: 66 votes

Wallette: 12 votes

Fort Kipp

Buckles: 38 votes

Wallette: 28 votes


Buckles: 481 votes

Wallette: 234 votes


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