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Fires burn the collapsed ruins of a house that exploded. Three people inside were hospitalized with severe burns.
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Louise Ell

Three Poplar residents survived a fiery explosion in their home.

Louise Ell, 81, nephews Quinn Sutherland, 17, and Colter Beauchamp , 7, suffered third degree burns after their house exploded and collapsed in flames.

On January 12, 2023, around 11 p.m., the Poplar Volunteer Fire Department received a call reporting a possible gas leak at a home about a mile west of Poplar on Red Thunder Road.

While the department was preparing for the call, something unknown created an ignition source. It caused an explosion, which caused the house to collapse and burn, according to a report from the Poplar Volunteer Fire Department.

The house had three people inside at the time of the blast. One was an elderly woman, and the other two were

Quinn Sutherland


Firefighters worked with Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and Fort Peck Tribal Police to rescue a female from the residence. The other two people were able to escape with assistance.

They were taken to the Emergency Room and were sent to burn units in Salt Lake City and the Denver Children’s Hospital.
The Poplar Volunteer Fire department would like to recognize Fort Peck Tribal officers 573 and 538 and the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office deputies that assisted your heroism and rescue efforts. Additionally the Fire Dept would like to commend firefighters Sierra Lemay and Curtis Rankin for for diligent and successful efforts during
Colter Beauchamp

the fire call. Additional thanks goes out to the resources that responded. Tribal Disaster Emergency Services, North East Montana Health Services Emergency Medical Services, Tribal Law Enforcement, Roosevelt County Disaster Emergency Services, Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department, Roosevelt County Sheriffs office, and Sheridan Electric.

Family representative Britney Noel Cloud said “Malta and Glasgow communities fundraised for Quinn during their basketball games. It means so much to us, as a family how loving and compassionate Montana communities can be for each other. We appreciate all and any donations and prayers everyone has been sending. We want to extend our gratitude.





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