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During the pandemic, the government passed the American Rescue Plan Act to help areas hit hard by COVID-19. 

Of this money,  $31.2 Billion was granted to all federally recognized tribes and the agencies that serve them (such as Indian Health Service). 

According to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is the largest investment of resources into Indian Country and tribal communities in U.S. history.

Fort Peck was awarded $75,957,940.58. This covers everything from building/renovating tribal housing, fixing street lights, infrastructure improvement, incentives, and other costs.

So how did that money get used? 



According to the Tribes ARPA Funding Recap, the first ARPA allocation was $63,020,351.64 for tribal enrollment. The second ARPA allocation was $12,937,588.94 for tribal employment.

The biggest expenditure was $7,331,840.96 for household financial assistance. That was the first round of payments people were getting in the mail.  

To encourage people to get the COVID-19 vaccination, the Tribes spent $2,693,555.64 on vaccine incentives. 

Individual financial assistance for tribal members 19-years-old and older was approved by the Tribal Council to help with the economic fallout from the pandemic. This totaled $1,893,000.

Other costs include $46,500 for gift cards and vaccine incentives.

Buffalo Ranch equipment came to a total of $177,900.


Public Safety

Under the community violence intervention program, $1,061,384.83 was spent on the Tribal Security Program.

For a line item labeled ‘Safer Neighborhoods,’ $80,828 was spent on the Frazer Street Lights Project. 



The allocation for day labor is $1,200,000. It’s category lists it to provide job training for unemployed workers. 

A van for the Tribal Employment Rights Office was purchased for $94,040. It’s sole purpose is to transport workers to and from work sites.  



The first major expenditure was $69,959.20 to Sewer Line Investigations/Scooping, for infrastructure improvement. Another $84,497.29 went to Tru Pipe, Inc. – Sewer Line Investigations for infrastructure. 

The Frazer Lagoon was also listed at $1,037,174.52.

The Brockton Lagoon maintenance totaled $91,480.

Another expenditure listed Frazer Water Maintenance for $216,595.78

Fort Peck Housing Authority Infrastructure was listed as $204,188.98 for Poplar and Wolf Point.

$1,611,034.33 went for Water and Sewer improvements for Fort Kipp.

$69,200 was spent on a new backhoe for Tribal Enterprise.

Silver Wolf Casino infrastructure improvement came to $22,068.74.


Revenue Loss

Using ARPA funds, the Tribes paid $2,405,771.32 for Drought Assistance for Farmers and Ranchers.

Burial Costs, which include digging the grave, the vault, and coffin, were listed as $1,626,942.36 of Revenue Loss.

Attorney fees all come to $1,234,652.22 and were paid.

$39,761.96 was expended for the south Sprole Irrigation Project.

A new CSP truck and trailer was $56,926.

Tribal Executive Board Public Relations spent $8,075.56 on Pendleton Blankets.

Repairs and renovations for the former Sunrise Hardware building came to $237,339.72.

Renovations to the Frazer Community Hall came to $697,875.11.

An employee inflation adjustment cost totaled $928,510.53.

A tribal Meat Processing Plant project was allocated $789,813.

The Fort Peck FY21 Pow Wow/Rodeo Enhancement was $12,143.43.

FY ’23 budgeted burial costs were listed at $164,400.29

All of these costs are under the category Revenue Loss.


Other Costs

In addition to the previous costs listed, there are numerous costs covered by ARPA.

Veterans Outreach Program spent $60,516.48 for access to health care. This is providing transportation for tribal veterans to their medical appointments far away.

Energy Assistance was also covered, with $1,016,380.24 spent as of December 31, 2022.

Tourism is important, and this is why the Tribes allocated $1 million on investments improving outdoor spaces. This is through the Tribal Planning Department.

A Cultural Care Package program was another expenditure, with the total cost $6,963.21.

Tribal gaming cost $545,357.76 for operations upgrades and enhancements. 

The purchase of the Flynn Property was $81,000, and it will be used to provide housing for health care workers. 

Charity wasn’t forgotten. The Tribes made a $10,000 donation to Feed the Hungry with ARPA funds. 

The Fort Peck Pow wow/Rodeo for 2022 was allocated $35,000.

The Tribal Museum and Archives project was given $100,716.55.

Administrative costs that will end December 31, 2024 are $551,485.62


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