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A Las Vegas judge set a $300,000 bond for actor turned alleged sex cult leader Nathan Chasing Horse.

Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney William Rowles asked the court Wednesday morning to set a $2 million bail, citing Chasing Horse as being a “danger to the community” and a “flight risk”

Nathan Chasing Horse

Chasing Horse, known for playing ‘Smiles a Lot’ in Dances With Wolves, was arrested last week after police executed a search of his North Las Vegas home. He is accused of sexually abusing young Indigenous girls over a 20 year period in the United States and Canada. He is also accused of leading a cult called “The Circle.”

The warrant for arrest states Chasing Horse portrayed himself as a “medicine man” to gain trust of Indigenous families and children. Using that trust to groom young girls in the community before raping them, physically abusing them, and trafficking the victims. Authorities identified at least three of the victims as being local to Clark County. 

Charges filed against Chasing Horse include one count of sexual assault with a minor under 16-years of age, one count of sexual assault, four counts of sex trafficking, one count of child abuse/neglect/endangerment, one count of possession of visual child porn, unlawful acts pertaining to a bald eagle, and one count of unlawful possession of bird of prey or parts.

At the hearing, Chasing Horses supporters packed one side of the court.

Judge Pro-Tem Craig Newman asked why the state was requesting such a high bond. Prosecutors said online research lists Chasing Horse’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million. He argued that Chasing Horse is a flight risk, adding that investigators found images of him sexually assaulting a girl between 11 and 13-years-old.

Chasing Horse was living in North Las Vegas with his five wives. Police later discovered his wives were told to be prepared for a shoot out with the police if law enforcement ever came to “break up the family.” He also ordered them to take suicide pills if they were ever caught.

During a search of his home, police found guns, 41 pounds of marijuana, psylocibin mushrooms, numerous memory cards containing sexual assault videos, and a dead bald eagle.

In new information released in court, Rowles said police found evidence in Chasing Horse’s home indicating he was grooming young children to replace others who grew up. 

He is also still actively involved with his alleged cult “The Circle,” and authorities estimated he has about 350 dedicated followers and a vast network of connections in Las Vegas, the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Clark County Public Defender Kristy Holston asked the Judge to set the bail at $50,000. The 46-year-old Chasing Horse could not afford a $2 million bail. He has immense community support and has no criminal record. 

Money Chasing Horse made as a “spiritual advisor” is no different than paying a priest or rabbi for their services. 

North Las Vegas Judge Newman then set the final bond at $300,000. Under Nevada law, a defendant is required to post at least 15 percent of the bond amount to be released, $45,000 in this case. 

In addition, if he were to be released he would have to wear a tracking monitor. He would have to stay with a relative and have absolutely no contact with children, including his own. Access to guns, alcohol, or drugs are forbidden.

Chasing Horse is accused of having numerous victims across the US and Canada, including from the Fort Peck Reservation. 

Recently, Indigenous tribes in Canada issued a decree banning Chasing Horse from coming to any and all tribal gatherings and pow-wows. 

A warrant for his arrest was also issued by Canadian authorities in British Columbia. 

In 2015, the Fort Peck Tribal Government officially banished Chasing Horse from the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, citing that he was a “safety threat.”

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