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Another change of plea was accepted for two more of the people accused of kidnapping.

Kidnapping suspect Dylan Troy Jackson

Dylan Troy Jackson, 22, and co-defendant Kaylee Jade Jackson, 19, each pleaded guilty to kidnapping of an individual under 18. The defendants face a mandatory minimum 20 years to a maximum of life in prison, a $250,000 fine and not less than five years to a lifetime of supervised release.

In court documents, the government alleges on Sept. 15, 2021, a group of people lured the victim, a 15-year-old girl from her house in Wolf Point and kidnapped her.

Kaylee Jackson said the victim had wronged Dylan Jackson earlier that afternoon, and co-defendant Cheri Cruz Granbois

Kidnapping Suspect Kaylee Jade Jackson

offered to pay Kaylee Jackson to lure the victim from her house so she could be assaulted. Kaylee Jackson accepted and went with a group, that included Dylan Jackson, to the victims residence in Wolf Point, according to court documents.

Once there, Kaylee Jackson managed to lure the victim out of her home. The situation quickly escalated and several of the group members were assaulting the victim. When eyewitnesses yelled they were calling the cops, the group pushed the victim into the car they came in and drove away.

They drove to a field outside of town and proceeded to assault the victim before leaving her there.

Co-defendants Patti Jo Annunciata Mail, Lavanchie Patricia Goodbird and Elmarie Amelia Weeks have pleaded guilty to charges in the case and are pending sentencing.

Granbois has pleaded not guilty to charges and is pending trial.



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