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Former “Dances With Wolves” actor Nathan Chasing Horse is asking a Las Vegas judge to throw out a sweeping indictment against him, saying the two Las Vegas area women identified as victims wanted to have sex with him.

Nathan Chasing Horse

One of them was younger than 16, Nevada’s age of consent, when she says Chasing Horse began sexually abusing her. 

Chasing Horse, 46, is charged with sexual assault of a minor, kidnapping, child abuse, lewdness and drug trafficking in Clark County, Nevada. He is also facing similar charges in Nevada Federal Court, Canada, and the Fort Peck Indian Reservation through various felony charges relating to sex human trafficking. 

Clark County District Court Judge Carli Kierny said Wednesday she would issue her decision by the end of the week. She gave no indication on how she might rule during her questioning of prosecutors and defense. 

Clark County Prosecutor Stacey Kollins told the judge Wednesday that Chasing Horse’s claims were offensive, pointing to the age that one of the victims says the abuse began.

“She’s take at 14 because her mom is ill and she’s told that her virginity is the only pure part of her left and she has to sacrifice this to maintain her mom’s health,” Kollins said. 

The defense is maintaining their position there’s no proof of non-consent. The victim was approaching this with with a view of it being transactional; meaning she went out to seek Chasing Horse because he was viewed as a supposed “healer” in the community, and Chasing Horse told her that she needed to have sex with him in exchange for her mothers healing. 

Kristy Holston, Chasing Horse’s public defender, argued “it’s not the same as a lack of consent.” 

“A sex worker, for instance, doesn’t desire sex with the client, Holston said. “But their motive for doing this is something other than desire.”

Prosecutors argued defining the offense as “transactional” was wrong. The victim was there at 14 because she was worried about her mothers health and she was told her virginity was the only pure part of her left to sacrifice for her mom.

During the grand jury testimony, the victim repeatedly said she didn’t want to but she submitted to Chasing Horse for her mother.

“Submission is not consent,” Kollins said.

Judge Kierny could rule to dismiss part or all of the charges, or not. 

Chasing Horse is scheduled to stand trial May 1, 2023 in Las Vegas.

In 2015, Chasing Horse was banished from the Fort Peck Indian Reservation because he was a threat to public safety, the Tribal Council said at the time. Before that, he was having sun dance ceremonies by the Chelsea area forest. However, local people were concerned over the danger he could pose to others, mainly young girls.

After becoming famous for his role in Dances With Wolves, Chasing Horse later became a so-called “medicine man,” traveling through the United States and Canada visiting indigenous ceremonies. Law Enforcement investigating Chasing Horse say it was through this he would gain access to young indigenous girls.

The case against Chasing Horse is that he was leader of a cult known as “The Circle,” and his followers believed he possessed healing powers and could communicate with higher astral beings. He is accused of using his title as a supposed healer to groom indigenous girls to replace his many wives.

Chasing Horse has been in jail since his arrest January 31, 2023.


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