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Graduation proceedings for Fort Peck Community College are set for this weekend.
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Fort Peck Community College is finishing the school year with the commencement ceremony for 85 graduates.

Families and friends of graduates will be gathering at the Wolf Point High School gym Friday, May 12, 2023 at 2 p.m.

This year FPCC will be graduating 85 students in numerous fields of study. 

Fort Peck Community College Valedictorian Antoinette Chase.

The Valedictorian is Antoinette Chase. She will be graduating with an Associate of Arts and Science in Business Technology, as well as certification as a Business Assistant and Accounting Technician. 

Salutatorian this year is Tracie Coursey. She will graduate with an Associate of Arts in Business Administration, as well as being certified as an Accounting Technician. 

The following students are going to graduate this year.

Joetta Fourstar: Allrunner AA -Tribal Government and Administration.

Tia Azure: AA-Psychology, Chemical Addiction Studies, and Social Work. 

Patrick Bad Bear: Certification-Information Technology.

Alexandrea Beston: Certification-Lay Advocate/Paralegal.

Emerson Birdtail II: Certification-Automotive Technology.

Aimee Black: AA-Social Work.

Nicholas Blount: Certification-Information Technology.

Jeb Boettger: Certification-Digital Technology. 

Sarah Boettger: AS-Environmental Science. 

Troy Brown Sr.: will receive Certification-Welding.

Wesley Brown: Certification-Welding. 

Chantelle Buckles: Certification-Information Technology. 

Donelle Buckles: AA-Chemical Addiction Studies.

Monica Campbell: AAS-Business Technology. 

An’Cantrell: AA-General Studies.

Antoinette Chase: AA-Business Technology, Certifications as a Business Assistant and Accounting Technology.

Willow Coefield: AA-Social Work.

LaFon Copenhaver: AAS-Criminal Justice.

Tracie Coursey: AA-Business Administration, Lay Advocate Certification.

Anessa Day: AS-Pre-Health/Pre-Nursing, Biomedical, General Studies. AA-General Studies.

Taylor Day: AAS-Criminal Justice, Lay Advocate/Paralegal Certification.

Tomee Escarcega: Certification-Information Technology.

Jordis Ferguson: Certification-Information Technology.

Keyvin Four Bear: AA-General Studies.

Shantell Fowler: AA-Psychology.

Keri Fox: AAS Criminal Justice. .

Callyn Wagner Gourneau: AA-Elementary Education, Lay Advocate/Paralegal Certification.

Hilary Gourneau: AA-Early Childhood Education. 

David Grainger: AA-General Studies.

Mauri Gourneau-Grandchamp: AA-Chemical Addiction Studies, General Studies.

Kathrine Hamilton: AAS-Criminal Justice. 

Michelle Harada: AA-Chemical Addiction Studies, Business Assistant Certification.

Elizabeth Higgins: AA-General Studies.

Jonnie Hureta: AA-Tribal Government Administration.

Dana Huges: AA-Social Work and General Studies.

Fanci Jackson: AA-General Studies and Psychology.

Camilla Jensen: AA-General Studies.

Yvette Kawasaki: Accounting Technician and Business Assistant Certification. 

Payton Klinger: AA-Psychology.

Melissa Kozmo: AA-Elementary Education. 

Erica Sorrels Lamebear: Lay Advocate/Paralegal Certification. 

Lindsay Leno: AA-Early Childhood Education.

Casee Lepper: AA-General Studies.

Elizabeth Lingle: AA-General Studies.

Lafaye Lizotte: AAS-Criminal Justice, Lay Advocate/Paralegal Certification.                                                                                                                                       

Janet Lone Bear: AS-Pre-Health/Pre Nursing.

Darwin Longtree: AAS Information Network Tech. 

Dusti Marottek: AA-Education.

Alexxis Mcelwee: AA-General Studies.

Malia McNabb: AA-Native American Studies.

Reagan Mecham: AA-Clinical Addiction Studies.

Rhonda Mitchell-Lilley: AA-Early Childhood Education.

Kyrsten Miller: AA-Chemical Addiction Studies, Social Work and Psychology.

Tristan Miller: AA-Chemical Addiction Studies.

Charla Patton: AA-Business Administration; AAS-Business Technology; Business Assistant and Accounting Technician Certifications.

Conner Perry: AAS-Information Network Tech. 

Kristin Petersen: AAS-Information Technology, Certification in Information Technology.

Aimee Plummer – Lay Advocate/Paralegal Certification, AA-Chemical Addiction Studies and General Studies, AAS-Criminal Justice.

Glenna Red Eagle: AAS-Criminal Justice, Lay Advocate/Paralegal Certification.

Shanna Robertson: AA-Social Work and Chemical Addiction Studies.

Noah Rucas: AA-Social Work.

Phyllis Runs Through: AA-General Studies.

Dana Ryan: Accounting Technician Certification.

Lori Sandi: AA-Elementary Education.

Abriana Scott: AA-Business Administration, Accounting Technician Certification.

Melvin Scott III: AAS-Business Technology.

Brinton Sears: AAS-Business Technology. Business Assistant Certification.

Kylee Sears: AA-Business Administration, Certification as an Accounting Technician and Business Assistant.

Celesse Shields: AAS-Information Network Tech, Information Technology Certification.

Carri Sifford: AAS-Criminal Justice.

Jared Standing: AS and AA-General Studies.

Stacy Standing: AS-Pre Nursing/Pre Health.

Kelly Stevenson-Sargent: AAS-Information Network Tech, Information Technology Certification.

Tana Two Bulls: AAS-Information Network Tech. Information Technology Certification. 

Jennifer Walking Eagle: AA-Chemical Addiction Studies.

Kaiden White Bear: AA-General Studies, AAS-Business Technology, 

Business Assistant and Accounting Technician Certifications. 

Robert White: AAS-Information Network Tech, and Information Technology.

Tiara Whitmus: AA and AS in General Studies.

Ashlee Wilkening: AA-Education. 

Andrea Wilson: AA-General Studies.

Danford Wineinger: AA-General Studies.

Jennifer Yellow Hammer: AA-Native American Studies.

Pamala Youngman: AA-Social Work.

Elizabeth Zimmer: AA-Social Work. 

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