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Canadian authorities announced last week they charged a former actor and current cult leader with sexual abuse of young indigenous girls.

The Tsuut’Ina Nation Police Service, near Calgary, is the latest to pursue charges against the “Dances With Wolves” actor.

We had a lot of collaboration with our Las Vegas partners in relation to some of the evidence brought forward,” Tsuut’Ina Nation Police Sgt. Nancy Farmer said.

There is no question that he is guilty,” Sgt. Nancy Farmer said.

Nathan Chasing Horse

Chasing Horse, 47, is accused of victimizing indigenous underage girls and women while he would travel throughout the US and Canada.

According to 8 News Now, another outlet covering the Chasing Horse case. While Sgt. Farmer would not go into details of the case or the number of victims, she did say at least one victim’s allegation dates back to 2005. At the time, there was not enough evidence to pursue charges but the case was recently reopened.

Chasing Horse is expected to face a total of nine counts including three counts of sexual exploitation, four counts of sexual assault, one count of sexual interference with a person under the age of 16 and one count of removal of a child from Canada under the age of 16.

The arrest warrants are supported by Alberta Prosecution Services, according to police.

In January 2023, police executed a search warrant at Chasing Horse’s North Las Vegas home. There, police found a group of women who were later determined to be his wives. Police would later learn the women were trained to use firearms and have a shoot out with the police if the cops ever called to “break up the family.”

Nevada police filed charges after arresting Chasing Horse. These include sexual abuse without consent on young Indian girls.

He has been arraigned on the Nevada charges and is currently detained in Las Vegas.

When news of this broke, the Federal Government announced they were investigating Chasing Horse.

Days later, the Fort Peck Tribal Court issued an arrest warrant for Chasing Horse charging him with aggravated sexual abuse of a child.

He remains detained in Las Vegas pending a ruling on his case by the Nevada Supreme Court.

While she wouldn’t go into details, Sgt. Farmer said one of the cases originates in 2005.

The Tsuut’Ina Nation Police Service referred to significant planning between prosecutors of different jurisdictions including in Keremeo, British Columbia; Montana and Nevada.

In Nevada, Chasing Horse is charged with 18 counts in connection with alleged sexual abuse against two women. The criminal case is on hold while Chasing Horse awaits a decision from the Nevada Supreme Court. He filed an appeal arguing for the charges against him to be dropped.

On February 22, 2023, a grand jury in Clark County indicted Chasing Horse for a total of 19 counts. This included 10 counts of sexual assault against a minor under the age of 16, six counts of sexual assault, along with open and gross lewdness, first-degree kidnapping of a minor, and trafficking in a controlled substance.

Chasing Horse’s defense attorney Kristy Holston argued that prosecutors failed to present evidence that both women did not consent to sexual encounters.

In April, drug charges against Chasing Horse were dismissed.

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